"A program designed to aid grandparents faced
with raising a second family."

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There is Help

If you are a grandparent raising grandchildren, trained professionals are here to help you. With locations in Erie, PA, McKeesport, PA, Buffalo, NY, and Rochester, NY, the Sisters of Mercy are sponsoring grandparents raising grandchidlren programs to address the challenges faced by grandparents raising their grandchildren. See each locations indivdual site (links located at the top) for more information or contact:

Karen Narusewicz - Mercy Center on Aging
444 East Grandview Blvd. Erie PA 16504
Phone: 814-824-2214 Email:

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

There is Help


2.6 milion children were being raised in 3 generation housholds headed by a grandparent, with at least one parent at home.

Trained professionals are here to help you through the process.

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