Rochester, NY is offering a Respite program for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

Respite for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren provides a day to “call your own.” It is an opportunity for a break from grandparents raising grandchildren’s responsibilities and a chance to be nurtured and supported as they deal with the emotional, financial, legal and social responsibilities of raising grandchildren. Our focus is stress reduction and self care. The participants will experience yoga, aromatherapy, mediation, massages, healthy eating, music, art and journaling, stress reduction and self care techniques and wellness tools for grandparents.

The perceived value of wellness is increasing rapidly. There is increasing public awareness of the value of holistic wellness for grandparents raising grandchildren.  Statistics of grandparents and other relatives raising children for NY can be found here.

Progam:  Respite Care for Grandparents Raising Granchildren

Place: Mercy Prayer Center

Dates: May 6, June 22, and Sept. 30, 2010 from 9am-3pm. 

Cost: No fee

Contact: Sister Anne Maloy, RSM, MSW






Kinship Care Resource Network

The Kinship Care Resource Network provides services to kinship families in Monroe County.- through Catholic Family Center.

Kinship Care provides a wide variety of services for grandparents raising grandchildren, relatives (other than parents) who are raising another family member’s child/grandchildren

Services include:

  • Information and referral
  • Case Management
  • Support groups
  • Legal assistance
  • Children and youth services and activities
  • Intergenerational activity/event
  • Annual Kinship Care Conference

New York State- Kinship Navigator Program

The NYS Kinship Navigator is a statewide information and referral system for grandparents and other relatives raising another family member’s child. The information and referral system is accessible via a statewide toll free telephone line and an interactive website.

As part of this system, the program educates caregivers on kinship issues (including legal, financial, educational, etc.), and refers caregivers to local resources (including legal, financial, educational, health/mental health, support groups, etc.).

Although direct case management services are not provided, they are made available through the referral source.

For complex legal issues, the callers will be linked with an attorney, who will offer legal information by phone.

NYS Navigator is accessed through the toll free number (877) 454-6463 or the website

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Any caregiver who is raising another relative’s child under the age of 21. No income restrictions.

FEES: None

PROGRAM LOCATIONS: Catholic Family Center, Kinship Navigator, 30 N. Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604

For more information on this program, please call the NYS Kinship Navigator at (877) 454-6463.